There’s no one way to sell a home. Some people will choose to sell their home while they are still living in it, and others will wait until they’ve moved elsewhere. Home staging is that happy medium – while the owners no longer reside there, the home is “staged”, or decorated with furniture and products to make it look and feel as it would when the new resident is all moved in.

Home staging doesn’t just help land sales – it has been proven to increase the sale price by up to 5%.  When people buy a house, what they’re really shopping for is a home. Staging helps buyers visualize what their future home could be – instead of an empty house, they see a fully-furnished living space and start that emotional connection most buyers are searching for.

You don’t have to invest in model furniture or massive renovations to properly stage a home; there are plenty of little things you can do, from cleanup and repair to decorating, that will increase your home’s worth in your buyers’ eyes.

So how do you go about home staging?

Simple Tricks 

  • Touch up the paint in the entrance way
  • Put away most of the family photos & memorabilia
  • Pack up 30% of all closet space (the fewer items, the bigger the closet looks)
  • Fresh flowers in eye-catching locations like the kitchen and living room
  • Warm and inviting candles in the bathrooms

Take it up a Notch 

  • Re-paint the front door for a fresh and welcoming entrance
  • Stain any outdoor decking
  • Professionally clean windows and carpets
  • Seal the driveway

Preparing your home for selling can be a weekend project or months of cleaning and organizing.  Perhaps the easiest option is to opt for a full-service home staging company like Altitude Design Co, to optimize your home’s space and best-selling features. Professionally staging your home typically leads to a minimum of 1% return on staging costs. If you want your home sold quickly and for top dollar, it’s worth considering.