It’s that time of year when home owners can dig out of the snow, assess for repairs, polish up their homes and list them for sale. Funny thing about listing season, it’s always seemed part psychological and part practical to me:

The psychological side in a sense that if people just continue to say, “Spring is the time to list”, and enough people say that, then it becomes reality. This mentality is essentially a self-fulfilling prophesy of some type. However, this isn’t always the case since a savvy seller can capitalize on key moments in the market, regardless of the time of year.

But there is a practical side to listing in the Spring, especially for mountain properties. First, due to our rather hefty winters, Spring time is the first chance for a home owner to holistically assess the condition, especially after a relatively heavy winter. For buyers, once the snow substantially melts, they’ll be able to better visualize what their views, yards, and landscaping will look like. Weather can also impede the ability to even reach Tahoe in the winter time to see properties, which makes Spring that much easier to get excited buyers through your door. A few other reasons include buyers recently receiving tax return funds, they most likely have toured already in the winter (ready to buy), and they also haven’t checked out yet on a summer vacation.

This dramatic influx of properties hitting the market has a ripple effect on other industries, namely local home repair vendors. If you’re going to need repairs or upgrades it’s imperative that you’re proactive in scheduling them as early as possible, as you won’t be alone in seeking out these services. This goes the same for lending and title services (busy, busy, busy!). Here is a simple guide to tips and tricks on how to get you home sale ready.

One last note, and it’s important:  if you are thinking about listing it’s imperative that the home is priced correctly. I offer a free home value analysis tool that can get you the information you need in order to get started on this process. Remember, if priced incorrectly your home can linger on the market, prolonging your obligation to pay property taxes, insurance, and mortgage interest.

So are you thinking about selling?  Tahoe Mountain Realty exists at the cutting edge of resort real estate marketing.

The Formula:
Deep Analysis of Consumers Dynamics + Keen Understanding of Feeder Market Demographics + Elegant & Sophisticated Listing Presentation = Market Leading Results

Through years of practice and observations, we know that a majority of listings will come to market around Memorial Day in anticipation of the summer selling season. TMR has helped countless savvy sellers beat the season by coming to market in spring, ahead of peak demand.

Contact me for a complimentary Listing Presentation and read my Home Selling Guide and take a free Home Valuation and for more information.